An Interactive Whiteboard is a digital board which makes the computer display interactive. Usable with finger touch. Essentially, IWB’s are used to engage students. They increase student interaction, participation and involvement. They also increase student interest in subject matter. Last but not the least, they result in better retention of the subject matter by the students.

An Interactive board setup requires an IWB, a Multimedia Projector and a Computer or Laptop. When all are connected, the display of the computer via a multimedia projector is projected onto the IWB, which you are able touch with your fingers, or with a stylus pen

Interactive Whiteboard is a Multi-touch and Finger touch interactive Whiteboard. It has Optical Technology.The latest touchscreen technology is integrated into the screen, enabling dual user and gesture control.

Sahara is a well-known UK based company, providing complete education and IT solutions. SudoX is the exclusive partner and distributor for Sahara in Pakistan.

Sahara IWB’s are available in multiple sizes. Plus, they are cost effective, and provide a host of great features.

Designed for classrooms. The Cleverboard Interactive Whiteboard includes the innovative education software Cleverlynx, & the award winning ActSoft applications. These engage the students, encourage their participation through activities and enhance their overall learning experience.

There are a range of different hardware features available. Including technology. sizes. precision, and bundled Software.

Teaching with interactive whiteboard allows lecturers to accommodate all different learning styles:

• Tactile learners get to touch and move things around the board. They can also make notes and highlight elements.
• Visual learners benefit from a clear view of what is happening on the board.
• Audio learners can participate in a class discussion.


  • 78.8 Inches

  • Optical Technology

  • Finger Touch/Pen Touch

  • Multi Touch (10 Touch)

  • Semi-Enamel Steel backing

  • 5 Software Solution Bundle Included