Cyber Security Solutions

Physical security is an oft-overlooked component of data and system security in the technology world. While frequently forgotten, it is no less critical than timely patches, appropriate password policies, and proper user permissions. You can have the most hardened servers and network but that doesn’t make the slightest difference if someone can gain direct access to a keyboard or, worse yet, march your hardware right out the door.

Those who attend this session will leave with a full awareness of how to best protect buildings and grounds from unauthorized access, as well as how to compromise most existing physical security in order to gain access themselves. Attendees will not only learn how to distinguish good locks and access control from poor ones, but will also become well-versed in picking and bypassing many of the most common locks used in all over the world in order to assess their own company’s security posture or to augment their career as a penetration tester.

Security Consulting

Don’t let the shortage of qualified security professional prevent you from expanding your security program. With SudoX, our consultants and cybersecurity experts help your organization adapt, mitigate risk and thrive in the evolving threat and regulatory compliance landscape.h

Security Monitoring

Avoid false positives and identify true threats in the vast sea of security logs and alerts your organization generates. Our team of information security experts apply up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to deliver in-depth analysis of your security activities.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilities within your network, web applications and databases emerge every day, caused by software defects and misconfigurations, opening the door to threat actors. Secureworks can help you eliminate these exposures and future-proof your cybersecurity operations.

Black Box Testing

As ethical (white hat) hackers, we emulate an attacker by utilizing similar techniques to perform reconnaissance, identify vulnerabilities, and break into your systems. Unlike an attacker, however, we stop our test before exposing sensitive data or doing harm to your environment. With a Black Box Penetration Test we have unauthenticated access and have little prior knowledge, except the IP Address, domain name, or URL, about the systems in scope.

A Black Box Penetration Test is commonly used as an external penetration test against an organization’s Internet-facing systems

SudoX Cyber Security Solutions

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems from cyber attacks. It is important because effective cybersecurity reduces the risks of cyber attacks.Cybersecurity is a high-demand but changing field. … Raising cybersecurity awareness is one of the main strategies of data protection.