Cyber Security Trainings

Computer Networking Trainings

Security can’t be an afterthought. To really keep yourself and your organization secure, everyone needs to get on board and make security best practices a company-wide priority.

“We believe anyone, anywhere should have the opportunity to develop their career through the production and consumption of high quality training.”

Computer networking certifications demonstrate proficiency in IT skills that are highly in-demand. Passing an official certification exam from CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, or Juniper gives you credentials that are widely recognized in the IT industry.  Our design and teach online courses that cover everything you need to know to ace the exam the first time around. Work through trouble spots with our world-class mentors and take practice tests.

SudoX is the most trusted source of Information Technology and Information Security trainings in Pakistan and one of the leading training providers in the region. We have been providing Information Technology and Information Security consulting services for the past 8+ years. Our emphasis on quality training gives our clients and students an edge to grow rapidly and advance professionally in their respective career(s).

Ethical Hacking

As the internet continues to advance, cybercrimes do as well. Criminals no longer need to leave their homes to commit crimes, they can do so easily with a few clicks of a mouse and an internet connection. While current technology has given us access to huge amounts of information on websites and mobile devices and simplified tasks like shopping, paying bills, and banking services, it has also given rise to the need for ethical hackers to battle cyber criminals. There is no better time than now to begin a career in the cyber security industry.

Do you want to learn what techniques do Hackers use to hack People/ Systems.

Windows Server

The Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification shows clients and employers that you are skilled in designing, implementing, and administering infrastructures for business solutions based on Windows Server 2012/2016 and Microsoft Windows 2012/2016 Server. Implementation responsibilities include installing, configuring, and troubleshooting network systems.

Web Designing

Set yourself apart from other web developers and demonstrate the skills you’ll need to create responsive and flexible web apps on any platform.

A web app is progressive if it uses the latest web technologies to behave like a native mobile app. These technologies are supported by modern browsers and include service workers, databases, and push messaging. You develop Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) using existing tools and technologies to create targeted, ideal user experiences.

Computer Hardware

The aim of the course is producing skilled manpower, which can proficiently works different hardware of computer. The objective of this course is to impart theoretical and practical knowledge about electricity, electronics and computer to the trainees so that they are able to start a career as computer technician in the Banks, Governments, Semi Government and Private Organizations and earn their livelihood by repairing computer and other peripheral devices.

Certificate in Office Applications

The aim of the course is producing skilled manpower, which can proficiency execute works using different software like Microsoft Office, inpage etc. This course will enable the pass outs to work as trainee Computer Operator in the Banks, Governments, Semi Government and Private Organizations.

Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security training is an essential element in the development of individuals and teams that are prepared to protect governmental, military, and commercial institutions from cyberattacks.

Our curricula span from the core essential technical skills and strategies that every cyber security professional should know, to advanced topics in penetration testing and ethical hacking, digital forensics and incident response, defense of critical infrastructure, application development, and audit, and legal topics.